Benizalon (Almeria)

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Coat of arms of Benizalon (Almeria)


Coordinates: 37.212101°, -2.241903°

Distance to Almeria: 60 km

Elevation: 936 m

Population: 253 inhabitants (2022)

Demonym: Benizalonense

Benizalon is a town with 32 km² full of natural beauties. The municipality sits at an altitude of 936 meters in a valley between semi-arid hills and gorges covered by almond trees. From here you can see the Mountains of Gador, Segura, Los Velez and Almagrera.

There are records of this locality from the Moorish period and since then, it has gone through different possessions. It suffered a strong emigration in the 1960s, and since its population has significantly reduced and aged.

The main economic activity is concentrated on the sowing of almond, vine and olive trees, as well as domestic gardens. They also raise goats for the production of milk and meat, make honey, and practice ceramics and cabinetmaking.

The typical gastronomy of Benizalon is varied and highly appreciated. In addition to the local products, such as cheeses, olive oil, and sausages of all kinds, the local honey and almond nougats are highly valued. Among the most popular autochthonous dishes are migas, stew, egg broth, gurullos (a mixture of flour, water, and oil that is crumbled into grains), asparagus chard, soaking, ball stew, shepherd's kid, stewed wheat, blood fry, and hornazo. Among the sweets, the brandy rolls, orange rolls, almonds, meringues and suspiros stand out.

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