Fiñana (Almeria)

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Coordinates: 37.170972°, -2.839711°

Distance to Almeria: 71 km

Elevation: 950 m

Population: 1.978 inhabitants (2022)

Demonym: Fiñanero (a)

It was founded by the Romans and has traditionally been a disputed territory, which caused a succession of cultures. Two Fiñanas can be distinguished: the Christian and the Arab, as a result of the milestones that existed. Located at the foot of Sierra Nevada, Fiñana has Arab roots that are clearly distinguishable in its historical monuments, particularly the Alcazaba and the Hermitage of Jesús Nazareno. Another place of particular interest to the visitor is the Ethnographic Museum.

Sierra Nevada National Park is part of the beautiful natural environment of Fiñana and is a suitable place for various activities such as mountaineering, hiking, camping, skiing, and mountain bike tours.

As for the typical gastronomy, one can taste various dishes such as zaramandoña (zucchini stew, tomato, and peppers), rabbit fry, choto al ajillo, and hare with porridge. Among the desserts are fritters, wine rolls, and rice pudding.

The traditional crafts of the place are among the activities that remain unchanged despite the changes in the lifestyle of the population. Esparto fabrics, with which baskets and various utensils are made, and crochet, a technique with which the inhabitants of the place make rugs of great beauty and colour, are two of the most appreciated in the area.

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