Lucainena de las Torres (Almeria)

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Lucainena de las Torres
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Coordinates: 37.040968°, -2.199695°

Distance to Almeria: 53 km

Elevation: 549 m

Population: 595 inhabitants (2022)

Demonym: Lucainense / Lobero (a)

The origin of this municipality goes back to the Neolithic, according to the deposits that are in the territory, and remains from the Hispano-Roman period and Arab period have been found. During the Middle Ages, it was part of the Land of Nijar, a Muslim settlement of great importance.

Lucainena de las Torres experienced a great economic boom from the middle of the 19th century, when looms, oil and flour mills, soap and brandy factories, and potteries were established in the town, as well as a flourishing trade, with shops of various genera, such as species, seeds, cloths, and clothing. Mining was also an activity that had an important development in the place. Left behind as a testimony are the calcination furnaces, whose ruins are today a site of tourist interest.

The town shows great vitality. One of its main economic activities is rural tourism, based on the hiking that is practiced along the so-called Greenway, one of its main attractions. It is a municipality of singular beauty, which has made it stand out among the many others that make up the province of Almeria.

The inhabitants currently are dedicated to the cultivation of cereals and olive trees. They celebrate the festival of Saint Sebastian, the festival of the Virgin of Montesion and the Pilgrimage of Saint James and the Virgin of Montesion.

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