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Coordinates: 37.049888°, -2.391377°

Distance to Almeria: 29 km

Elevation: 400 m

Population: 4,032 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Tabernense

Tabernas is distinguished as one of the municipalities with the largest area and population in the Filabres-Tabernas region. Its 281 km² is known for being one of the areas with less rainfall in Europe, because it is located next to a large desert area.

Its place name has features of Greek tradition, as their population accompanied the Romans during its expansion across the continent. In this territory, there is evidence indicating its prehistoric origin, specifically in the Neolithic. During the Muslim era it played a key role; thanks to the strategic location it represented. The progress of this area is mostly due to the influence that the Tabernas Desert has had on world cinema. Tabernas is the largest desert in Europe. Due to the particularities of its ecosystem, it has been declared a Natural Reserve.

The large expanses of this desert area are also suitable places for practicing sports activities such as hiking or long walks, there being the so-called desert route, with an extension of 14 kilometres, along which impressive landscapes can be appreciated.

The Almeria solar platform, located here, is a solar thermal plant that takes advantage of the intense sunlight to produce clean energy. It is one of the most important in Europe and can be visited through guided tours that show visitors how it works.

The traditional cuisine of Tabernas includes typical dishes of the region such as garlic broth, garlic rabbit, migas, and wheat with fennel. Among the sweets, one should try the watermelon soup, pineapple cake, fried milk, and rice pudding.

Numerous sites of interest, old buildings, and monuments that speak of its millenary history can be visited in Tabernas, a town where past and modernity combine harmoniously, in an arid landscape unique in the Almeria province.

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