Uleila del Campo (Almeria)

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Uleila del Campo
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Coordinates: 37.185256°, -2.203514°

Distance to Almeria: 55 km

Elevation: 640 m

Population: 820 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Uleilense

At the beginning of the Muslim occupation, the tribes of the Berbers of the Sahara settled in these lands, until the Christianization that took place around 1488. Their influence, as with the other peoples of the region, is decisive in the style of their buildings. The lands began to be divided, and after the expulsion of the Moorish, an agricultural revolution began. It was based on the cultivation of fruit trees (almonds and olives) and the production of silk, as well as sowing cereals and raising livestock.

Due to its privileged geographical location, this municipality has extensions of fertile lands, conducive to the cultivation of the vine, the olive tree and the almond tree. Livestock activity also stands out, with this being an important area of cheese production. Viticulture is one of the most developed agricultural activities in Uleila del Campo, with vineyards and wineries that produce appreciated wines for export, such as the now-famous blue wine.

In its typical gastronomy, the varied vegetables of the area are mainly used, with the native dishes being gazpacho, stews (which can be made of pumpkin, wheat or fennel) and the traditional migas.

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