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Routes & Trails in Los Filabres-Tabernas

In the Los Filabres-Tabernas region is the Urban Route of Abla, which was previously called the Roman Municipality of Alba. The route begins at the Roman Mausoleum, then passes by the Hermitage of Sain Sebastian and, later, by the sheds, “porches” or “tinaos”, which cover the streets and are a characteristic detail of ancient architecture. While following the route, you will find the Baroque Manor House and then the Church of the Annunciation. Other historical elements are the Coat of Arms of Alonso Bazan, the Pedestal of Avitiano and the Hermitage of Saint Anton. At the highest part is the Castle viewpoint and the old Alcazaba. This route ends with a visit to the Saint John Cross, the Hermitage of the Virgin of the Wonders and the Hermitage of the Holy Martyrs.
The Los Molinos y Las Fuentes Trail runs through the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. It is a Circular way path that you can take at any time of the year. Another outstanding trail is the so-called Encinar de Abrucena, which is also Circular way and has a medium-high difficulty due to its unevenness. You’ll need approximately 7 hours to travel this trail. On the other hand, with a duration of less than 4 hours is the Circular way Path of La Jairola and Castillejo, which passes through the most emblematic areas of the mountains of the municipality of Abrucena, within the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada. In Gergal, you will find the Loma de Tablas Trail, which requires 5 hours to travel and which has a medium difficulty. In half the time, you can take the Lucainena-Agua Amarga Trail, which is easy and runs on both dirt roads and paved areas. If you are in the Filabres-Tabernas region, other outstanding trails to visit are Nacimiento-Gilma, the Desert Trail, the Turrillas-Loma del Perro Trail and the Turrillas-Las Cucas Trail.

Urban route of Abla

Distance: 1.67 km
Type: Circular way


Los Molinos Trail

PR-A 354
Distance: 11.7 km
Type: Circular way


Encinar de Abrucena Trail

PR-A 15
Distance: 14.5 km
Type: Circular way


La Jairola - El Castillejo

PR-A 303
Distance: 9.5 km
Type: Circular way


Loma de Tablas Trail

PR-A 310
Distance: 12 km
Type: Circular way


Lucainena - Agua Amarga

Distance: 8.2 km
Difficulty: Low
Type: Circular way


Nacimiento - Gilma

PR-A 305
Distance: 10.2 km
Type: Linear way


Desert Trail

PR-A 269
Distance: 8.6 km
Type: Circular way


Turrillas - Loma del Perro

PR-A 383
Distance: 9.5 km
Type: Circular way


Turrillas - Las Cucas

PR-A 384
Distance: 12.4 km
Type: Circular way