Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation (Abrucena - Almeria)

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Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation

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Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation (Abrucena - Almeria)
This is the main and most important religious construction of Abrucena, whose construction was completed in 1570.

It used to have a wooden armor from Huescar, carved by the cabinetmaker Bartolome de Meneses, but he disappeared. From the 17th century many changes were made to its structure, which have allowed an increase in its architectural value and have also added beauty to it. A ship was added to the right wing and a plaster ceiling was placed over the main nave to cover the original rustic roof.
In 1819, the church suffered a partial fire which forced its restoration in 1828. From the entrance you can see the obvious signs of restoration, except in the tower, which maintains its profoundly ancient appearance.

This church is an important part of the traditions of Abrucena and is the location for the celebrations of many religious festivals, such as the festival of Saint Joseph, the festival of Corpus Christi, the festivities of La Vega and El Camino Real, and the Day of the Assumption or Day of the Virgin: which is celebrated on August 15 every year.

Saint Joseph Hermitage

Saint Joseph Hermitage (Abrucena - Almeria)
This is a beautiful religious building, built with plastered masonry. On the left side of the entrance is a rectangular tower that is also a bell tower. The entrance is divided by two pillars and a cornice, which divide the door, the tower and the hermitage itself.

Inside there is a rectangular hall with pillars on the sides and an arch that connects with the tower. There is also an altar that can be accessed by two staircases. It is a typical build of Spanish religious constructions.
This hermitage is part of the history of Abrucena, but it is also of vital importance for locals and visitors. It is a fundamental part of the festival of Saint Joseph, a celebration in which the image of Saint Joseph is transferred from the hermitage, where it rests, to the church. This is done in the middle of a procession in which locals and visitors participate, and it becomes a party that includes a show of lights.

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