Church of Our Lady of Mercy (Benitagla - Almeria)

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Church of Our Lady of Mercy

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Church of Our Lady of Mercy (Benitagla - Almeria)
It is a discreet but beautiful construction, to which hundreds of tourists are attracted, not only to know its architectural and religious value, but also to participate in the festivities surrounding this construction.

It has a simple façade, adorned by a bell tower attached at one end which gives it a sense of great solemnity. The influence that its construction has can be seen in its structure and in some aspects of its interior since it was built on a mosque from the Nasrid period.
Like other Spanish churches, much of the historical archives and paintings that were sheltered inside were devastated during the Spanish Civil War.

Las Eras Viewpoint

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Las Eras Viewpoint (Benitagla - Almeria)
In some municipalities of the province of Almeria, the “eras” are common. These are spaces of flat and uncovered terrain, where cereals were separated from straw.

The threshing of these cereals was part of the agricultural activity that characterized these areas and Benitagla is no exception.

However, this practice is no longer common and the “eras” have fallen into disuse, yet they have been transformed into unique spaces such as “Las Eras” Viewpoint.
It is two “eras” that were public and at some point merged to create a large “era”, in the center of which there was a stone that could never be removed. With the passage of time and after forgetting the practice of threshing, these “eras” became a kind of square or lookout, offering an unparalleled view of the surroundings of the town and from where you can also see the Tower of Alhabia and the Sanctuary of Monteagud.

Barranquera Water Well

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Barranquera Water Well (Benitagla - Almeria)
It is not an old building, but dates from 1963, however, it is one of the favorite places to capture photographs, due to its generally good condition, its central location, and its design.

The Barranquera Water Well was built as a solution to the problem of water supply in Benitagla, where the inhabitants had to supply this liquid in a fountain that was on the outskirts of the town. In mid-June 2010 the well was restored and is now a striking and curious element, especially for those who visit the site.

Acacia of Benitagla

Acacia of Benitagla (Benitagla - Almeria)
In the middle of the Main Square, with more than a century of life, is this centenary acacia that is considered a symbol of the town.

It is a meeting place for locals and tourists.

The Castillico

The Castillico (Benitagla - Almeria)
Built by the Muslims, the castle known as the “Castillico" is open access, and when you visit it, you can see the remains of a fortress that Abu Ishaq Ibn Al-Hayy, from Velefique, ordered be built.

He was known to have been one of the representatives of Islam in the province of Almeria during the Nasrid period, and to finance the construction of castles, cisterns, mosques and other architectural works with their own money.
In the Castillico, pottery remains from the Nasrid period and other remains from a more modern period (16th century) have been found.

It conserves the base of the tower, of rectangular plant and realized in masonry, and two pieces of wall that form an angle on the Southeast side. In one of them stands the remains of a massive tower of small dimensions. It was listed as a Property of Cultural Interest in 1993 and its conservation status is not good, given that it has suffered damage caused by the agricultural machinery of the place.

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