Church of the Virgin of the Anguishes (Benizalon - Almeria)

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Church of the Virgin of the Anguishes

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Church of the Virgin of the Anguishes (Benizalon - Almeria)
The Parochial Church of the Virgin of the Anguishes is a construction of religious and architectural importance.

Its construction dates from the 16th century and was built, like many other religious buildings in Almeria, on a mosque.

This is because many of the churches in the villages and municipalities of Almeria have a strong Arab influence, having been populated originally by Muslims.
Its style at present is Mudejar, with one of its most striking elements being the relief that covers the ceiling and the choir. Both elements give the church a great elegance, which until today was the stage for the religious celebrations of Benizalon.

It has a simple facade, accompanied by a terraced tower. The interior of the church, in addition to having a very original and impressive choir, has a major altar that was dedicated to the Virgin of the Anguishes, patroness of the area, and reason for the name of the church.

It also has two smaller side chapels, one built in honour of the Virgin of the Solitude and the other Jesus Nazarene. Although many buildings in Almeria suffered the loss of their historical images and archives in the middle of the Spanish Civil War, this church conserves in its interior the image of the Holy Christ, which is very old and venerated as much by locals as by visitors. There are also images of the Virgin of the Anguishes, Jesus Nazarene, and the Virgin of the Solitude.

Constitution Square

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Constitution Square (Benizalon - Almeria)
The Constitution Square is the social centre of Benizalon, where the inhabitants traditionally gather to play ball games and other social and recreational activities. This square dates from 1881, and there is a plaque in its vicinity which states this.

Previously, there was a school in the square, but nowadays that space is occupied by a social centre for the elderly, and houses are being built around the square.

Virgin of Monteagud Hermitage

In the “Cerro de Monteagud,” in Benizalon, is one of the most appreciated and visited sites, not only by those who reside there, but also by tourists who come from all over.

It is one of the most significant points in the municipality, because at its summit is the hermitage of the well-known "Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Monteagud," which has also been called the Virgin of the Head.
Its image, venerated by many of its inhabitants and by hundreds of people from the surrounding villages, is sheltered in a Muslim rabbi or ribat that was called Montahur, and until recently was the centre of a pilgrimage that takes place annually.

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