Church of the Virgin of the Rosary (Castro de Filabres - Almeria)

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Church of the Virgin of the Rosary

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Church of the Virgin of the Rosary (Castro de Filabres - Almeria)
It is a beautiful construction in the Mudejar style, estimated to be built in the 17th century, with a nave covered by armor. It is a unique church, with a façade built in a semicircular shape and steps for the entrance.

The chapel is striking, where the image of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel is also venerated by the population. During the Spanish Civil War, the inhabitants of the area hid the image of the Virgin of the Rosary inside a haystack, so that it was not destroyed.

Hermitage & Viewpoint

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Hermitage & Viewpoint (Castro de Filabres - Almeria)
It’s the only way to access the hermitage and it already offers a true landscape. It is stone stairs, on a steep path that ends at the top of the hill where is the hermitage and the viewpoint of Castro de Filabres.

The viewpoint offers a complete view of the municipality, decorated by the green that surrounds it, thanks to its privileged location in the Sierra de Los Filabres. The place is filled with stools made from logs, places to eat or drink something, and many trees that offer good shade, even in the hot summer.

Interpretation Center of Traditional Architecture

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Interpretation Center of Traditional Architecture (Castro de Filabres - Almeria)
In addition to the landscape and cultural wealth found in Castro de Filabres, there is a very special place that receives hundreds of visits: the Interpretation Center of Traditional Architecture.

This organism also promotes tourism throughout the Sierra de los Filabres, promoting activities such as walking through the historic center of Castro de Filabres, where you can appreciate the characteristics of the ancient architecture of the area.
This center also has the particularity of being located on an old water reservoir, whose evidence can still be seen, appreciating the channel through which water is still extracted to the outside.

The Castillico

The Castillico (Castro de Filabres - Almeria)
Located in the municipality of Castro de Filabres, the Castle of Castro de Filabres, better known as the “Castillico”, is a vestige of the history of this town. It is said that in the 8th century, an Arab tribe that was persecuted, decided to enter these lands and take refuge.

In fact, "Castro" means "Camp" in Latin, referring to the camp that the first Arabs installed in this area. From the “Castillico” there are hardly any remains, but they are enough to demonstrate the Arab influence in these lands.

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