Calcination furnaces (Lucainena de las Torres - Almeria)

What to see in Lucainena de las Torres


Church of Our Lady of Montesion

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Church of Our Lady of Montesion (Lucainena de las Torres - Almeria)
The Parochial Church of Our Lady of Montesion dates from 1505. It was built, like other religious buildings of the time, in Almeria, on the base of a mosque. However, it was partially destroyed after the rebellion of the Moorish, and was later rebuilt.

In its interior, there is a disposition of a single nave with a vault and dome, and the Latin cross plan is striking. It has the aspect of being a fortress because it is a robust building, built with bricks, but at the same time, it has elements that give it simplicity.
From any part of the town, you can see the high-rise tower, attached to the church. During the Civil War, it suffered the same fate as many churches in Spain, and the original ecclesiastical figures who were there were burned. It is said that the only surviving image was that of Saint Ana, so the inhabitants decided to hide it in the vicinity of Lucainena de las Torres and rescue it once the Spanish Civil War ended.

The Green Way

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It forms part of the Mining Trail and is a route that allows you to get to know the mining past of Lucainena de las Torres, while offering an unparalleled tour.

It has a length of 5 kilometers, which makes this trip an ideal thing to do with children as well as with people with reduced mobility.

During the tour, you can see the vestiges of mining and rail activity in the area, which stopped running in 1942.
The walk offers a wonderful view, a unique landscape, steep and valleys and water mills, which make this walk a very natural option, so it’s a great option for cyclists and hikers.

Considered one of the most important tourist sites and historical sites of Lucainena de Las Torres, the Mining Trail is a series of places where spaces, machinery, and locations used by ancient mining are found. The most recognized are the Mining “Coto” and the Mining Station. To know them, you only need to make a fantastic trip in which children can even participate. The starting point is the entrance to the town, from where you can see the signs to take any of the three trails that will lead to knowing the path: The Mining Trail, The Green Way, and Path of Small Route of the “Marchales”.

Calcination furnaces

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Part of the mining history of Lucainena de Las Torres can be seen with greater brilliance in the calcination furnaces.

They are the living testimony of the mining activity there.

At the time, the furnaces were a place of great labor activity, where iron was exploited and treated, an economic activity that gave great economic stability to the people.

It's about nine ovens.
Eight are located next to each other, while the ninth is located much further away, near to “Colmenillas”. Although the state in which they are found is not optimal, it is still great evidence of mining life and a site that receives hundreds of tourists every year.

El Poyo de la Cruz Viewpoint

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El Poyo de la Cruz Viewpoint (Lucainena de las Torres - Almeria)
It is a balcony that allows you to enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the town, as well as the old windmill.

El Garruchete Viewpoint

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El Garruchete Viewpoint (Lucainena de las Torres - Almeria)
From the El Garruchete Viewpoint you can enjoy an excellent view of the mountains that surround the town.

La Fuente

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La Fuente (Lucainena de las Torres - Almeria)
La Fuente of Lucainena de las Torres dates from 1923, as stated on its façade, although today we can find it fully restored.

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