Church of Our Lady of the Patrocinio (Olula de Castro - Almeria)

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Church of Our Lady of the Patrocinio

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Church of Our Lady of the Patrocinio (Olula de Castro - Almeria)
The Parochial Church of Our Lady of the Patrocinio blends with the white of the houses of the town, but rises above them, giving an elegant and stately touch to the place. A large tree and a bank of flowers that surround the entrance gives the distinctive element to this Church, dedicated to the Virgin of the Patrocinio, patroness saint of the town.

In November, Olula de Castro celebrates the celebrations in honor of the Virgin, which are the most famous and important traditional festivals of this municipality. They have their origin in the battles of Moors and Christians that took place in the Sierra de Los Filabres.

Town Square

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Town Square (Olula de Castro - Almeria)
As in many towns of Almeria and the rest of Spain, the municipal squares constitute a point of concentration of the whole town. In the case of Olula de Castro, it is a beautiful square, of small dimensions, where there are wooden benches, flowers, and lanterns, and where all the inhabitants agree.

It is located next to the Town Hall, another reason why it is so frequented. It is not unusual for locals and tourists to converge in this small yet singular space.

Town Hall

Town Hall (Olula de Castro - Almeria)
The Town Hall of Olula de Castro could well pass as another residence.

Its characteristics are not very peculiar, except for a clock that stands out at the top which catches the attention of those who pass by.

Obviously, the building is very popular with the residents of the area, but due to its central location, next to the square, many tourists visit the building to be able to take a photo that includes the clock.
The Town Hall is installed in a white house, with the characteristic red roofs, surrounded by flowers and with the clock greeting those who decide to pass.

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