Church of Saint Mary (Senes - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Mary

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Church of Saint Mary (Senes - Almeria)
The Church of Saint Mary, like other religious constructions that were erected in Almeria, was built on a mosque previously designed by the Muslims.

It is a church of small dimensions, which still retains the mihrab, or niche, that looks south, some of the original columns, and the ablution courtyard.

It was built in the 15th century, and a century later was rebuilt after the rebellion of the Moorish, which left it partially destroyed.
It is where almost all the traditional religious festivals of Senes are held, and it has a list of religious images, historical archives, and accessories that are of great value for the parish and the parishioners.

Paraje de la Fuente

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Paraje de la Fuente (Senes - Almeria)
One of the favorite places to visit in Senes is the “Paraje de la Fuente”. It is a natural site, in which the beautiful landscape predominates, loaded with trees and flowers, and has had a barbeque area and spaces for children installed.

Local authorities have sought ways to promote tourism in the area, which is why they have developed the spaces in the best possible way, so that visitors have a special experience and can enjoy as a family.

The “Lavaderos”

The “Lavaderos” (Senes - Almeria)
The “Lavaderos” has existed since the formation of Senes, thanks to the waters that cross the road temporarily.

It was the place where the town’s inhabitants met to wash and has therefore long been associated with its society.

It is located on the “Paraje de La Fuente”, on the outskirts of the town, and was built with the materials of the area, which are mainly bricks and slate stone.
Tourists can enjoy this walk, where you can see an old water mill that, despite the passage of time, remains in good condition.

The Castle

The Castle (Senes - Almeria)
Also known as “The Fortress”, it is one of the defensive structures of Almeria that was built on the initiative of Abu Ishaq Ibn Al-Hayy, a Muslim who used his own money to finance some of the most important buildings of war in the area in Almeria, such as castles, fortresses, and some cisterns.

It was built between the 11th and 12th centuries, in the Almohad period. The castle had ten towers that involved about 3,400 square meters of extension and an impressive entrance with two antemuros on the sides.
Currently, it is not in good condition and the structures act as retaining walls of the land.

The Stone “Balates”

The Stone “Balates” (Senes - Almeria)
The “Balates” are a high walls, built of stones from the area, and were built to serve as retaining walls for the land, in order to prepare them for agriculture.

The “Balates” were decisive in the economic emergence of the town, as the measure that allowed agriculture to flourish. Its characteristics, picturesque and striking, attract tourists who love the rural world.

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