Castle of Tahal (Tahal - Almeria)

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Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation

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Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation (Tahal - Almeria)
The temples of Tahal and Alcudia were burned during the uprising of the Moorish, but were later renovated in a project that was entrusted to the Bishop of Guadix.

The original temple included interesting some elements, such as a bell tower that was high enough to have the utility of serving as a refuge and watchtower to give alarm in case of a possible invasion. This church has the curiosity of having a painting on its high altar, an exact replica of the main painting of the Cathedral of Granada.
It has gone through several restorations, the last one being done in 2002, in which works were carried out to reinforce the roof of the structure.

This building does have the same main door, which is a milestone, taking into account everything that the church has gone through. Other elements that have survived the fires suffered by the church and the passage of time are the crown of the Christ of Consuelo, a painting of the Virgin of Carmel, an image of the Holy Family, a parish cross, the bandolier of the Virgin of the Immaculate, and several documents that belong to the Historical Archive.

Castle of Tahal

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Castle of Tahal (Tahal - Almeria)
This castle was built on an old Muslim fortress. At the time of the Dukes of Abrantes, the castle was at its best, because its location allowed him to have a great view of the town, in addition to having cisterns, barns, and stables.

This castle has three floors, but also has basements and a terrace.

It is said that its basements are secretly connected with Alcudia, Medala, Benitorafe, and Fuente Higuera.
In 2006 the castle and its surroundings were restored, and at that time the Tourist Office of Tahal decided to take on one of the halls of the castle to install traveling exhibitions, and the Interpretation Centre of Towers and Castles has been installed in two other halls.

Saint Christ of Consuelo Hermitage

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Saint Christ of Consuelo Hermitage (Tahal - Almeria)
The Chapel of Saint Christ of Consuelo of Tahal houses the Christ of Consuelo, the patron saint of this municipality.

The Christ is a copy made by Jesus de Perceval, after the original was destroyed in July 1936.

The altar is decorated with a fresco painting made at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. The last restoration was in the year 2002 and it reinforced the roof, which is currently made of wood.

Church of Saint Roch (Benitorafe)

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Church of Saint Roch (Benitorafe - Tahal - Almeria)
The Church stands on the site of an old Muslim mosque, converted into a hermitage after the Christian conquest, around the year 1500.

From the beginning it was dedicated to Saint Roch, protector against the plague, and throughout history it has undergone numerous renovations, the last in the 1893.

In the year 1900, it was erected as a parish, suffering damages during the Spanish Civil War.

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