Saint Anthony Hermitage (Turrillas - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Mary

Church of Saint Mary (Turrillas - Almeria)
It is a church that was built in the 16th century and where the image of the patron saint of the town is found: Saint Anthony of Padua.

A very classic and simple church, but at the same time beautiful, which is characterized by having the same armour of the roof since it was built, a Mudejar-style armour, which is accompanied by the image of Christ in the centre, a tabernacle in the left, and an image of the Holy Immaculate on the right.
As in other ecclesiastical constructions, the church has a bell tower that served as a watchtower, from which the watchmen reported on the invasion or attacks.

Saint Anthony Hermitage

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Saint Anthony Hermitage (Turrillas - Almeria)
Right at the entrance to the town, there is the Saint Anthony Hermitage, a construction that maintains the style of architecture typical of the ancient Islamic marabouts.

Inside the chapel are three images of the Patron Saint.

The smallest is an image that was originally inside the church, but was sheltered from burning during the Spanish Civil War.
The second image is a large one, which was also originally in the church but suffered burns on its back, when some candles accidentally fell on it. Later, with the help of the inhabitants, it was restored.

The third image belongs to the church, but his stay is shared with the hermitage, as it is the image used in the processions of the typical village festivities, where he leaves the church to be taken to the hermitage.

Viewpoint of Turrillas

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Viewpoint of Turrillas (Turrillas - Almeria)
The viewpoint is relatively new, since it was built between 1975 and 1976, when the mayor Juan Antonio Verdejo Padilla took office.

During the year 2000, the old viewpoint was renovated and expanded, which gave a space for locals and visitors to get to know.

From the viewpoint you can appreciate the spectacular views of the Sierra de Gador, Sierra Nevada, Sierra Alhamilla, and the Tabernas Desert.
The view is even more spectacular during the winter, when you can appreciate the Sierra Nevada covered with snow, which contrasts with the Desert of Tabernas and its arid aspect.


Colativi (Sierra Alhamilla - Almeria)
One of the activities that those who visit Turrillas are always looking for is hiking.

From Turrillas, you can access the Sierra Alhamilla Park, where the Colativi peak is located, the highest mountain that sits about 1,387 meters above sea level.

The views from the Colativi are impressive. From the hill you can see the Sierra de los Filabres, Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Gador, La Noguera wind farm, and the Sierra Alhamilla.

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