Church of Saint Mary (Uleila del Campo - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Mary

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Church of Saint Mary (Uleila del Campo - Almeria)
It is estimated that the Parochial Church of Saint Mary was built in 1772 by order of the Count of Aguilar.

It is a neoromantic style church that was destroyed and rebuilt in 1886. Although its predominant style is the neoromantic, it also has the remarkable influence of Roman, Muslim, and Byzantine culture.

At first glance, it might seem that the structure was unfinished, for some windows are closed by bricks.
However, it is a unique feature of the building. The church has two bells and several ecclesiastical images, but all are relatively new, since those that existed were devastated during the Spanish Civil War.

Constitution Square

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Constitution Square (Uleila del Campo - Almeria)
It is the main square of Uleila del Campo, the place where everyone meets and where activities are continuously carried out for locals and tourists.

For a long time, this square was the ideal place for the municipal market to settle, where the local products of a town whose economic activity is mainly agricultural were shipped.
Surroundings to the square are also other points of tourist interest and the daily life of Uleila del Campo, such as the Church of Saint Mary, the seat of the City Council, and the Interpretation Centre of Traditional Work in the area.

Interpretation Centre of Traditional Work

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Interpretation Centre of Traditional Work (Uleila del Campo - Almeria)
It is a means to conserve, know, sensitize, and disseminate the value of the most representative popular trades. It is located in an old house rehabititada in the Constitution Square.

The main contents of the exhibition are based on the works derived from the Mediterranean triad (cereal, grapevine, and olive tree), but almond agriculture is also present. In the same way, the cultivation and treatment of esparto grass is an essential subject to explain the rich craftsmanship that surrounds it.

La Umbria Viewpoint

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La Umbria Viewpoint (Uleila del Campo - Almeria)
For fans of panoramic views, the La Umbria Viewpoint is the right place to visit.

Located at one of the highest points of the town, the La Umbria Viewpoint is located in an old stately castle, from where you can see the entire town.

It is always advisable to visit it during the time when the almond tree blooms, because it offers a special show, which is worth watching.
This viewpoint allows you to have a privileged view of the Sierra de los Filabres, the peak of Cerro de Monteagud, and the spectacular Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Head, which is nestled at the top.

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