Saint John night (Spain)

Festivals in Garrucha





The carnival of Garrucha have increasingly gained a greater popularity and more and more “comparsas” performers can be found parading through the streets of the municipality.

The parade is enriched by the musical “comparsas” that come together from other towns, as well as Brazilian groups that animate the parade for the spectators.

Day of the “Vieja”


It is a secular festival celebrated just 20 days before Ash Wednesday. On this day everybody goes to the country to spend the day with family and friends. "La Vieja" is a doll made of wooden sticks and tissue paper and whose head is filled with candy. It is a very peculiar tradition rooted in the area, and there is even a typical sweet for this day called a "hornazo", which is an elongated bun with sugar and a boiled egg inside.

Holy Week


Holy Week in Garrucha stands out for the theatrical representation of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ and for the simplicity of its processions. Today there are two brotherhoods. It is worth noting the typical gastronomy of Garrucha.


May Crosses


Coinciding with the last weekend of April and the first days of May, the two brotherhoods of the Holy Week of Garrucha, and the Brotherhood of the Virgin of Rocio of Garrucha, each on their own, organize booths to offer food, music and leisure to the youngest of audiences.
Andalusian patio with flowers

Saint John Night


On June 23, as in all the localities of the Spanish coast, the night of Saint John is celebrated in Garrucha with great enthusiasm.

That night all the locals go down to the beach and at 12 midnight there are bonfires, with the party continuing until the small hours of the morning.

Music groups and booths animate the night of Saint John in Garrucha, which has become a very popular event in the region.

Virgin of Carmel


On July 16, a festival is celebrated in honor of the Virgin of Carmel, patroness of the town. The fishing port receives many people who come to eat and drink. There are typical roasted sardines that are made in the fish market for all the people who attend. In mid afternoon the procession of the Virgin takes place, which is carried by the town's porters and ends at the port itself, where a seafaring procession begins by boat. When the Virgin returns to the mainland, a mass is celebrated in the fish market to end the event, although the party continues until the small hours of the morning.

Saint Joachim Fair


On August 14 to 18, a fair is held in honor of the patron of the town. The influx of visitors is quite high and the fairground is filled to overflowing. In those days there are many concerts, theater performances, sports competitions, street shows, etc. It is worth mentioning the Gala for the Election of the Queen and the King.

Brotherhood of Rocio pilgrimage


In recent years the Brotherhood of Rocio of Garrucha has experienced a great growth in members, as more and more devotees of this Virgin grow.

The pilgrimage in Garrucha is celebrated on the third weekend of October.
Carts in a pilgrimage (Spain)

Other outstanding festivals

Tapa Route. It is celebrated during the month of April.

The Red Prawn Festival. It is celebrated during the month of October.