Jesus Nazareno Castle (Garrucha - Almeria)

History of Garrucha

Garrucha is a city born for the sea and its ports, and the promenade that surrounds almost all its coast is proof of that.
The first settlers in Garrucha go back to 3,000 BC, where vestiges of their presence are found among various deposits. Iberians, Carthaginians and Romans also passed through here.

The first references to these lands appear in the 14th century, when the town was known as Almorac; its Nazari name.

In the year 1488 it became Christian, and its port was an area of forced passage for the provisions of the armies.
Garrucha Port
In the 16th century it became one of the most important fishing and commercial ports in the Mediterranean, and was the target of numerous pirate attacks.
Garrucha (Almeria)

In the 19th century its economy took off with the discovery of the mines. Foundries were created and the port market increased rapidly, creating the fishing and tourist wealth of the area. It is at this time when it became independent of Vera.

The landowners and owners of the mines built large mansions to spend the summer, and it began to be known as Small San Sebastian due to its touristic importance.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Garrucha experienced its most important moment, with great economic activity and great social activity: casinos, dance floors and a tennis club provided a great distinction in comparison to the other coastal towns in the area.