Garrucha Port (Garrucha - Almeria)

What to visit in Garrucha

Garrucha is a city born for the sea and its ports, and the promenade that surrounds almost all its coast is proof of that. Discover what to visit in the beautiful Garrucha and do not miss the places of interest in this town of Almeria.

Virgen del Carmen Hermitage

Virgen del Carmen Hermitage (Garrucha)
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San Joaquin Church

San Joaquin Church (Garrucha)
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Pedro Gea Square

Pedro Gea Square (Garrucha)
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Town Hall

Town Hall of Garrucha
It is one of the most traditional buildings in the region. It was built in 1875 on an old salt warehouse, and was renovated in 1991.

Today is one of the most emblematic buildings of Garrucha and all the municipal offices are housed inside.
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Promenade of Garrucha
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Fishing port & Fish market

Fishing port & Fish market (Garrucha)
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Old Chimney

Old Chimney (Garrucha)
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Jesus Nazareno Castle

Jesus Nazareno Castle (Garrucha)
This fortress, with a semicircular battery of artillery and two circular towers, defended the coast from attacks by pirates.

It was built in 1769 and currently houses the “Nautarum” fishing interpretation center. It is also used as an exhibition hall and for the organization of different activities in the municipality.
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Monument to Fisherman

Monument to fisherman (Garrucha)
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Monument to the Virgen del Carmen

Monument to the Virgen del Carmen (Garrucha)
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Garrucha Lighthouse

Garrucha Lighthouse (Garrucha)
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