Red Prawn of Garrucha

The Red Prawn of Garrucha

Fishing has a long tradition in the municipality of Garrucha, where the most common activities are bottom trawling and small gear fishing. Among the main catches marketed here is the red prawn from Garrucha, which is the star of the table for its price and superb taste.
The red prawns caught in Garrucha are one of the most exquisite seafoods of all the Mediterranean Sea. The prawns' area of breeding and reproduction is circumscribed to the Levante of Almeria, more specifically to the coastal strip that is in front of Garrucha. Since its foundation, the town has been linked to fishing and the sea. The boats that leave the port daily return loaded with a product that is quoted at high prices in the fish market. The restaurants in Garrucha serve the grilled red prawns: they are much bigger than the classic pink-shelled prawns and they taste delicious.