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Paseo del Malecón, 108.
04630 - Garrucha

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Haro Sports is a family business with more than 30 years of dedication in the sports sector. During these years, several athletes and sports professionals have made Haro Sports an objective to promote sportsmanship to make it more accessible and closer to society.

Today, our challenge continues to respond creatively and innovatively to all the value that represent the world of sports. Sports brands are increasingly betting on street style. Our challenge is to offer you our products that consist of finding the perfect balance between sporting character and street fashion garments.

Be it beach or sport style we have all kinds of garments of this trend in fashion. Our company has always stood out for the full range of products and our competitive prices, in addition to the careful attention we provide to our customers.

But not only that, we support the sport unconditionally, and therefore we try to collaborate as much as possible with all kinds of clubs, public and private entities, and with sponsoring events, including various acts of solidarity.

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