Explanada del Puerto, s/n.
04630 - Garrucha
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If what you are looking for is a good seafood restaurant with creative and quality food, then this is your place.

We work by taking care of the product and offering original proposals. Mainly, we offer fresh fish and seafood from the area, and we use ways of preparation that give the creative cuisine inspiration. The treatment by our staff is very friendly and they do not hesitate to make some good recommendations based on their culinary tastes.

It is an intimate and beautiful place, with marine decorations and with nice, comfortable chairs and tables. In the Almejero, the seafood eats by weight.

In the middle of the esplanade of the marina you will find our restaurant, where its most precious dishes are the rice dishes, the paellas and the star dish ... The cuttlefish “cuajadera”. The products are of the highest quality and are aimed at a very select public with demanding palates and are capable of recognizing the value of the dishes.

The price goes hand in hand with its magnificent products and generous portions. The Almejero is one of those sites that are worth knowing and are ideal to surprise your partner, friends or your family. A whim that is worth it ,and if you decide to visit, you will be very satisfied. No doubt you will come by again.

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