Golf tourism in Almeria

In recent years, Almeria has managed to carve out an important niche among the favourite tourist destinations for amateurs, professionals, and golf lovers. The province of Almeria is one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain thanks to the advantages offered by its favourable climate and beautiful landscapes. All these factors have been decisive in developing all the potential that the province has and offering its visitors a quality destination.

Thus, those who visit Almeria end up falling in love with its climate, its places, its landscapes, its beaches, its gastronomy, its history ... and also its golf courses.

Golf culture

Andalusia has a vast tourist offer around the practice of golf. In fact, Malaga's Costa del Sol, also known as “Costa del Golf”, is one of the areas in the world with the highest number of golf courses per inhabitant.

In the same way, the province of Almeria has managed to consolidate itself in recent years as a golf tourist destination, thanks to its impressive courses with views of the Mediterranean, framed by mountains or impressive valleys, which make them more impressive. Many of them have been designed and executed by the most important golf course designers in Spain and the world.

The golf offer extends throughout the entire Almeria territory, offering a significant number of properly conditioned golf courses, to provide the amateur or professional with a wonderful experience.

Perfect conditions

One of the wonders that have made Almeria among the favourite golf tourist destinations in Spain is that it is the province with the world record for the highest number of sunny days. This means that the practice of golf in Almeria is seasonally adjusted; that is, a precise season of the year is not required to be able to practice one’s swing.

This provides one of the main conditions, not only for the practice of golf to be more pleasant but also for the care of the golf courses themselves, making them look particularly green on each visit.

On the other hand, Almeria offers the golfer the opportunity to enjoy a game that takes place between the sea and the desert, which offers a pleasant climate, as well as unparalleled views.
In the province of Almeria, one can play on some of the most spectacular greens built in arid areas, ideal for the practice of this sport. The mountains that border the coast of Almeria are arranged in a way that offers a unique and beautiful landscape, in addition to fulfilling the vital task of protecting the fields from the strong wind currents that can damage the game.

Because many of the golf courses have been built on valleys and steep slopes, the greens are articulated through numerous obstacles, which gives a particular beauty to the courses but also provides the player with the opportunity to embark on an interesting and challenging game. That is why the golf courses in the province of Almeria are particularly sought after by those players who want to practice and improve their swing, as well as by those who seek to develop new skills and abilities.

Popular destination

Through hard work, Almeria has earned its deserved place as one of the favourite areas for playing golf. Throughout the year, thousands of tourists come to the province to enjoy the most beautiful golf courses. What has made it a fantastic option, in addition to its ideal climate and wonderful landscapes, is that the province of Almeria has countless tourist sites of unparalleled beauty and interest, so golf lovers can travel with their families, without getting bored for a single minute.

In Almeria, there are hundreds of accommodations, as well as tour operators dedicated to promoting interest in golf. While several members of the family enjoy the best golf courses, the rest of the family can engage in some interesting activities. The options are many: visit the beaches, visit historic Almeria, discover the film destinations, visit the Alcazaba, where scenes from “Game of Thrones” were filmed ... or enjoy the excellent cuisine of Almeria.

The tourist demand for golf in Almeria has been increasing in recent years and promises to continue growing thanks to the interest shown by the Almeria Deputation, as well as hundreds of organizations and private companies, with the aim of converting and perpetuating Almeria as one of the best golf tourism options in Spain.

This interest has generated interesting synergies between public and private tourism and golf markets, giving rise to important benefits in terms of improving conditions for Almeria to be visited by thousands of tourists who want to enjoy the best golf courses.

The whole package

Golf course
Almeria has impressive tourist potential, not only in terms of golf but also in other areas. Some come to this beautiful province for its unspoiled beaches, others for its castles and historical monuments, others for its desert, unique in Europe, and home to a multitude of film sets used in hundreds of films and series.

The tourist history of the province of Almeria is extensive and the offers varied, which has allowed the region to diversify and work hard to offer the best possible service. Hence, the entire province has worked to provide its visitors with a very rich and appreciated gastronomic offer, while in terms of accommodation, different options have arisen, which fit the pocket of any person.

In short, Almeria has managed to position itself as one of the favourite destinations for golf tourism, in part thanks to the great advantages that the entire province offers.

Tournaments and competitions

The practice of golf in Almeria is not limited to the interest of amateurs and sports lovers. It has also managed to climb to a high position.

To continue promoting golf culture in Almeria, this province has participated, thanks to the efforts of the Almeria Deputation and other public administrations, in different golf tournaments that have allowed Almeria to be publicized as a golf tourist destination, promoting its strengths in that matter.

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