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Gastronomy in Huercal-Overa

The cultural tradition of a town is expressed not only through the various artistic, historical or geographical representations, but also through its gastronomy. It cannot be denied that the flavours and the composition of the dishes are fundamental factors in the understanding of the customs of one place.

The gastronomy that Huercal-Overa offers has a very peculiar flavour given its position on the border between Almeria and Murcia. Thus, the kindness of the climate and the earth affect the ingredients and flavours.

High-quality ingredients

Mediterranean diet ingredients
Among the most important ingredients are those cultivated in orchards, such as wheat, corn, potatoes, tomatoes and olive oil, among other typical ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine.

In addition, one cannot miss animals such as rabbit and turkey; birds such as partridges; and those derived from the traditional pork slaughter.
Therefore, among the most popular dishes of the Huercal-Overa table are the migas, the “empedrao”, the cod “buñuelos”, the “choto al ajillo”, the “gurullos”, the stuffed partridge and the wheat or pot of cabbage, among others.

Exquisite pastry

It is necessary to point out that one of the Huercal-Overa specialties is its pastry, based on a rooted pastry tradition. In this, we find multiple and rich flavours based on products such as corn and wheat flour, honey, almonds, milk and eggs, among others. Thus, among the typical sweets, the visitor will have the opportunity to taste the butter cakes, the fabulous honey buns, the bread of Saint Anthony, the “sobaos”, etc.
In addition to this rich proposal, Christmas in the town is typically sweet thanks to the almond “empanada”.

Although the origins of this famous dessert are not clear, it is known that already in the 19th century this “empanada” was offered in the locality. In addition, other typical Christmas sweets are sweet wine cake, roll cake, orange bun, cupcakes, etc. These, no doubt, will provide great pleasure to the palate and are the perfect excuse to undertake a trip to the locality.
Finally, we must point out that in Huercal-Overa, the kitchen is always fashionable. It is a town where gastronomic competitions are popular. Here, the visitor can find various establishments offering the typical local flavours. This town also has spaces committed to a sustainable lifestyle by implementing, for example, solar ovens to naturally cook the vegetables of the orchards. Thus, the invitation is to discover this corner of Almeria through its exquisite gastronomy.