Huercal-Overa Tower

Huércal-Overa - What to visit

What to visit

Huercal-Overa is characterised by its Holy Week that is recognised worldwide for the majesty of its representations. Discover the most interesting places to visit in Huercal-Overa.

Church of the Assumption

Church of the Assumption (Huercal-Overa)
It is a very important religious building, imposing and elegant, visited by hundreds of tourists every year who want to experience the interior paintings and towers, terraced houses and sculptures, which have been restored to their original charm.

The Government Council of Andalusia included this building as one of the monuments that are part of the Andalusian Historical Heritage.
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Huercal-Overa Tower

Tower of Huercal-Overa (Huercal-Overa)
The interior of the tower also underwent restoration, which makes it easier to appreciate the details of its decorated walls and ceilings.

This architectural work has been nominated for the Aga Khan architecture awards, for its recent restoration, in which contemporary elements were included to facilitate access to an old work, without intervening or altering its nature.
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Main Square

Main Square (Huercal-Overa)
The Main Square is located in the heart of Huercal-Overa, which makes it a favourite place for fairs, street markets, and activities typical of the area, which attract many visitors.
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Monument to the Cura Valera

Monument to the Cura Valera (Huercal-Overa)
The monumental work has an inscription on the base, which reads: "Raised by popular subscription", remembering that it is for a historical character and much appreciated in this town.
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Civil War trenches

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Santa Barbara Castle

Castle of Santa Barbara (Huercal-Overa)
Today it is a cultural heritage site where you can see the remains of its thick walls, made for the protection of those who inhabited it, the paved floors, the remains of the tower square that adorned the castle, and the cisterns that survived the passage of time.
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