Church of the Assumption (Huercal-Overa)

Church of the Assumption (Huercal-Overa)

The Parochial Church of Our Lady of the Assumption is located in Constitution Square. Construction began in 1709 and took about 30 years to complete, with the architecture ready for the use of the inhabitants in 1739.

It is the distinctive religious architectural work of Huercal-Overa, in which stands the sculpture of the Christ of Mercy, made by the artist Francisco Bellver, and is located in one of the chapels of the church, dedicated to Jesus Nazareno.

It is a very important religious building, imposing and elegant, visited by hundreds of tourists every year who want to experience the interior paintings and towers, terraced houses and sculptures, which have been restored to their original charm.

The Government Council of Andalusia included this building as one of the monuments that are part of the Andalusian Historical Heritage. It is possible to visit this place at any time of the year, but a special and significant time to do so is during Holy Week. The Church constitutes a heritage for the inhabitants of Huercal-Overa and for the entire province of Almeria itself, as a must-see tourist attraction.

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