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Coordinates: 36.966667°, -2.95°

Distance to Almeria: 68 km

Elevation: 736 m

Population: 831 inhabitants (2022)

Demonym: Alcoleano (a)

Alcolea is a typical Alpujarran village located where the Sierra de Gador and Sierra Nevada meet, and it is built in close proximity to the Alcolea River.

In its beginnings, during the Muslim era, Alcolea received the name of Alcolaya and was a village of a military nature, constituted by five neighbourhoods with their respective mosques. These communities were: Haulin, El Fondon, Harat Alheulo, Xocanes and Aben Omar. The name Alcolea is a diminutive in the Arabic language and refers to a small castle. After the war of the Alpujarras, the town was totally uninhabited, then it was repopulated by only 35 residents, mostly of Andalusian and Castilian origins. Darrical and its annexe town Lucainena became part of Alcolea on October 1, 1997.

Alcolea's economic activity rests on the cultivation of olive trees and almond trees, which is why it is a producing locality of olive oil in its famous mills. In recent years, with the modernization of terrestrial communications, there has been an increase in tourism, which has become an alternative source of economic resources. For the traveller who seeks to encounter popular traditions of an Andalusian nature, with rural customs and a calm life, Alcolea offers a wide variety of options.

The municipality of Alcolea stands out for the use of autochthonous olive oil in its gastronomy. You can taste exquisite broths, stews, meats, migas, garlic choto and gachas. Amongst its pastry, the famous hojuelas, torrijas and fried rolls stand out. As for its typical craftsmanship, in Alcolea the material mainly used is Esparto, with which beautiful items are created.

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