Rágol, en Almería (España)

Ragol Travel Guide


Coat of arms of Ragol (Almeria)


Coordinates: 36.994954°, -2.681227°

Distance to Almeria: 36 km

Elevation: 402 m

Population: 288 inhabitants (2022)

Demonym: Ragoleño (a)

Ragol is located between the Sierra de Gador and Sierra Nevada, located between the fertile plain and the beginning of the mountain. The area has a rough and rugged terrain that is typical of the Alpujarra of Almeria. Ragol borders Alboloduy, Instincion and Canjayar, being the highest point of the municipality we find in Monte Negro, at 1,710 meters above sea level.

Ragol was one of the places of the Taha of Marchena. After the Moorish expulsion crisis in 1570, the town had to wait until the 19th century to benefit from a notable demographic growth in the area. This was achieved thanks to the mining of Alpujarra lead, and cultivation of the Ohanes grape. This prosperous period allowed Ragol to acquire a population of 1,600 inhabitants. In recent years, the agriculture of Ragol has been oriented towards the cultivation of citrus fruits and the apirena grape, which is most in-demand on the international market.

The visitor who walks around the urban area of this village, with its narrow streets of Moorish heritage, will notice that among its buildings, the Parish Church of Saint Michael stands out, in Mudejar style.

The natural environment of this town is formed by landscapes of great beauty in which ravines and slopes invite you to go hiking. It is a perfect area to walk and get in direct contact with nature.

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