Church of Saint John Baptist (Alboloduy - Almeria)

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Church of Saint John Baptist

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Church of Saint John Baptist (Alboloduy - Almeria)
The Church of Saint John Baptist was built by the architect Domingo Thomas between 1796 and 1802.

It is constructed in a Neoclassical style that was popular in the second half of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century.

As the position of the tower is in the central axis of the nave, instead of to one side, it is a characteristic feature of neoclassical-Alpujarra style.

Saint Christ Hermitage

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Saint Christ Hermitage (Alboloduy - Almeria)
The Saint Christ Hermitage presents a rectangular plant with a covered ship that displays a vault, being the greater chapel of square plant, with blind arcs in the lateral ones.

Buttresses are located at the ends of the façade and on the side walls, and the exterior masonry and brick walls are whitewashed.

The Animas Hermitage

The Animas Hermitage (Alboloduy - Almeria)
The Animas Hermitage is built in a classic Alpujarra style.

Its central part is quite small with a bell inside a brick arch topped by a cross, which is typical of the Alpujarra of Almeria.

Made in stone sourced from the local area, it is a charming hermitage representative of the town of Alboloduy.

The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower (Alboloduy - Almeria)
This tower is located on a high point that is visible to most of the population.

The Clock Tower was built in 1867 with machinery made by the Canseco watchmakers of Madrid. Its bells chime during important events in the life of the population who reside in the area of the municipality.

In the past, the walls that once surrounded the Al-Hizan Arab farmstead were built where the clock tower is currently located.

The Caños Fountain


It dates from the 19th century and was a fundamental element in the lives of the inhabitants of Alboloduy. It consists of a seven pipes fountain, where the past inhabitants of the municipality collected water in pitchers. There is also the old trough that was essential for quenching the thirst of the animals that were needed by the inhabitants of the town to carry out field work.

This fountain is replenished by a spectacular set of medieval origin: approximately 4 km in length, which is excavated in the rock and runs across the base of the Peñon del Moro.

Peñon del Moro Viewpoint

Peñon del Moro Viewpoint (Alboloduy - Almeria)
From this viewpoint, you can see the river and the travel routes that connect with the interior of the province. Here you can see the remains of a small fortress castle very typical of the Alpujarra, as well as remains of a Roman-era fortress that was deliberately destroyed after the Christian conquest.

The structure consists of a retaining wall located on the rocky ledge of the Peñon del Moro with dimensions of 4.20 metres height from the rocky base to the top. The base is a little larger than the structure and is perfectly embedded in the rock.

Salty “Balsica”

This building can be found by following the path of Alcozayar, about 3 km northwest of Alboloduy. From this place you can enjoy beautiful views of the municipality of Alboloduy, next to the hill of Gamonal.

The waters here are characterised by their high saline content (sulfates) due to the proximity of the gypsum formations that surround it. It is said that its properties are healing for skin conditions, and it is a very popular place to enjoy therapeutic baths in its waters.

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