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Open-air Museum

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Open-air Museum (Beires - Almeria)
The Open Air Museum of Beires takes us to a time of great splendour for the town: the era of mining. In this museum the extraction and transport of iron is recreated.

The layout consists of six zones, and in each one, different aspects related to mining in the municipality are remembered: 1. The iron mountains of Beires: 2. In search of the treasures of the earth; 3. The social conflict; 4. The life of the miners; 5. The problems of rail transport; 6. Closure of the mines and emigration of workers.

Church of Saint Roch

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Church of Saint Roch (Beires - Almeria)
The Church of Saint Roch was built between 1676 and 1679 by Pedro de Cerezuela, and it replaced the old one.

The master architect Indalecio Guiot carried out works and repairs in 1745, but the most important works were done in 1782, with the construction of the new headboard with a transept.

Possibly coinciding with this extension, the tower was erected with a new set of bells.

Church Viewpoint

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Church Viewpoint (Beires - Almeria)
From the viewpoint of the church square you can enjoy fantastic views of the town, as well as the entire natural environment that surrounds it.

Castle of the Moors

Castillo de los Moros (Beires)
This is a fortification built by the Muslims at an unknown date. It could be dated from the first half of the 13th century, given its similarity to castles such as Aspe (Alicante) or the Cuajares (Granada).

Its function during the times of the king of Granada Abd-ala was as a military establishment, a territorial control and an office for collection of taxes. This construction could be classified as a "rock castle" because it is small, suitable for surveillance and has been reoccupied on several occasions.
It is situated on a hill with a flattened slope to the south that gives it unimpeded views over the three nearest towns of Beires, Almocita and Padules.

Currently it is in a derelict condition, with just the smallest remains of what was once a great castle. It was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest by the Council of Andalusia in 1993.

There are many legends around this monument. For example, it is said that there is a treasure inside the mountain that is a store of the taxes that were collected in the past. It is also said to be full of secret passages that lead from the castle to the foot of the mountain ... but they are only legends, as the truth was buried many years ago.

The Pileta

The Pileta (Beires - Almeria)
The water in the "pileta" comes from a small mine. Initially the "pileta" was installed to collect water for irrigation of the town, but with the passage of time, it has become a popular leisure place in Beires.

Everyone in the town who has ever bathed in the "pileta", and even people from other municipalities who come to bathe there, maintain that the waters have healing effects.

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