Fountain of Charles IV (Fondon - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Andrew

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The Church of Saint Andrew was built in 1550 on the site of an old mosque.

Over the centuries it has undergone various modifications that have completely changed the original design to its current appearance.

The church was declared a Site of Cultural Interest on January 28, 1985 by the Council of Andalusia.

Fountain of Charles IV

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Fountain of Charles IV (Fondon - Almeria)
This fountain was built during the reign of Charles IV of Spain.

It is a classicist construction, made of stone and has two faces.

On the main front face, there is a pillar with three bronze pipes and an anthropomorphic head, while on the back face, there is a pillar with two pipes that feed water into a trough.

Virgin of Anguish Hermitage

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Virgin of Anguish Hermitage (Fondon - Almeria)
The hermitage dates from the late 17th century.

The residents of Fondon had great devotion to the Virgin of Anguish, so a group of neighbours founded the brotherhood in Fondon so they could venerate the saint with construction of the hermitage.

It is a Mudejar church with a wooden armor and like many others in the Alpujarra of Almeria, it is small in size. In 1710, the hermitage was enlarged to its current dimensions.

Las Godoyas Palace House

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This building has architecture typical of late Baroque design, with some touches of neoclassical.

It shows a perfect combination of masonry and exposed brick.

The Animas Hermitage

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The Animas Hermitage (Fondon - Almeria)
It is a small hermitage dating from the early 17th century.

It has been recently renovated and is dedicated to the Blessed Souls of Purgatory, whose devotion is widespread throughout the Alpujarra.

The Big House (Fuente Victoria)

The Big House (Fuente Victoria)
This Mudejar-style stately house is located in Fuente Victoria and has three storeys, with an extra section that serves as a viewpoint. It is built entirely of brick.

On its monumental facade, the Palomar family's coat of arms stands out, which is made from local stone.

The lookout tower that is built in traditional Granada style is located on one side of the third storey. This became derelict due to abandonment and persistent rain incursion, but it has now finally been reconstructed.

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