Sorbas (Almeria)

Localities in the Levante Almeriense

Discover here all the localities in the Levante of Almeria and know in depth all the towns of this region of Almeria.


Antas (Almeria)
The archaeological sites of El Argar, La Gerundia and Lugarico Viejo stand out. Its inhabitants are renowned for their hospitality, in addition to traditional festivals such as those held in honor of Saint Roque and the Medieval Market.
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Bedar (Almeria)
The inhabitants are mainly engaged in agriculture as a way of life. Likewise, tourism has an influence in Bedar, thanks to its beautiful monuments.
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Los Gallardos

Los Gallardos (Almeria)
The locality originated possibly at the beginning of 19th century, when they began to become aware of mining operations in the Sierra Almagrera. The crises of the last century produced a displacement of the population, but the people remained standing and continued to progress.
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Lubrin (Almeria)
Currently, tourism plays a role of interest in the development of the town, due to its location and the traditional features that are maintained there.
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Sorbas (Almeria)
Sorbas has great tourist and cultural wealth, along with great monuments and impressive squares and viewpoints.
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Turre (Almeria)
Tourism also plays a key role in the municipality, both because of its nature and because of its cultural heritage.
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