Antas (Almeria)

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Coordinates: 37.245221°, -1.918163°

Distance to Almeria: 84 km

Elevation: 108 m

Population: 3,417 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Antense / Antuso (a)

Antas is characterized by its fertile lands, thanks to its location in the watershed of the Aguas river. It has been favored as the locations for developing an important commercial sector integrated by fruit companies, transportation, workshops and engineering. This is known as the cradle of the olive grove, as olives have been its emblematic crop since ancient times. The first human settlements came to this town in the Paleolithic period, which has an enormous archaeological wealth that currently shows the privileges offered by the area.

The archaeological sites of El Argar, La Gerundia and Lugarico Viejo stand out. Its inhabitants are renowned for their hospitality, in addition to traditional festivals such as those held in honor of Saint Roch and the Medieval Market.

The town enjoys thriving economic activity based on the production and transport of fruit and vegetables. This vigorous commercial activity has resulted in the town having one of the highest business per capita ratios in all of Spain.

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