Carboneras (Almeria)

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Coat of arms of Carboneras (Almeria)

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Coordinates: 37.000463°, -1.891895°

Distance to Almeria: 63 km

Elevation: 10 m

Population: 8,210 inhabitants (2022)

Demonym: Carbonero (a)

Although its urban center is excluded from the protected area, 80% of its municipal area is part of the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park.

Traditionally Carboneras has always been a fishing village, although today it combines this activity with tourism and industry (in Carboneras is the largest desalination plant in Europe). It is highly recommended to visit the old part of the town, given the amount of restaurants and shops that you can find.

Noteworthy is San Andres Island, which is visible from any beach in the town, and which is one of the best places to practice diving. The Rayo Tower is the oldest building in the municipality and dates back to the Nazari era; it is a watchtower that was built to protect the coastline from pirate attacks.

Its beaches are classified as among the best on the Mediterranean coast, particularly Los Muertos Beach. Difficult to access, it stretches in a straight line between two large rock formations of volcanic origin.

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