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Los Gallardos
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Coordinates: 37.167419°, -1.939513°

Distance to Almeria: 79 km

Elevation: 116 m

Population: 3,034 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Gallardero (a)

Los Gallardos is a municipality located in the Lower Almanzora, between the beach and the mountain, on an approximate area of 35.1 km². It is characterized for being an important channel of communication between Almeria and the Levante, and for having shown a remarkable demographic growth in recent years. Its inhabitants are dedicated to the cultivation and processing of cereals, olive trees and grapes.

In its surroundings, archaeological remains from the Neolithic era and the Bronze Age have been found, as have vestiges of construction from the Roman era, which speaks to the antiquity of the settlement. However, the town of Los Gallardos has been known as such since the 16th century. Its name originates from the surname of several of its first inhabitants.

Its many historical monuments bear witness to its rich past and are part of its heritage. You can find remains from both the Roman era and the period of the Arab occupation. All represent sites of tourist and cultural interest.

Currently, Los Gallardos is a town with a modern service infrastructure, which gives its urbanism an air of modernity linked to a deep historical tradition. The visitor has a variety of options for accommodation, including hotels, villas, and a campsite with all services.

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