Our Lady of the Rosary Church (Lubrin - Almeria)

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Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

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Church of Our Lady of the Rosary (Lubrin - Almeria)
It is a relatively new building, built in the 19th century, dedicated to the patroness saint of the town: Our Lady of the Rosary, which shares its patronage with Saint Sebastian.

It is estimated that its construction was ordered by Bishop Jose Maria Orbera in the year 1880. This church is characteristic due to its construction date. Amongst its materials you will find items that were not commonly seen in the religious architecture of other Almerian municipalities, like iron.
In this case, the architect decided to include it, along with the traditional red brick, achieving a structure representative of 19th-century architecture, with a Latin cross plan and three naves.

Saint Sebastian Square

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Saint Sebastian Square (Lubrin - Almeria)
The Saint Sebastian Square, dedicated to the patron saint of the town, is right in the center of the town and is a source of pride for its inhabitants.

In it there is a fountain and a marble image, perfectly carved, elegantly installed and surrounded by flowers.

It is one of the most important contemporary tourist elements of Lubrin, surrounded by historic streets and houses with an Arab influence.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower (Lubrin - Almeria)
The Clock Tower is located on the hill where formerly was the Castle, an Arab fortress of 1488 which unfortunately today no remains.

Church of Saint Sebastian

Church of Saint Sebastian (El Marchal de Lubrin - Almeria)
It is a small church that is located in the neighborhood of El Marchal.

The cañico

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It is located in the neighborhood of El Marchal.

It is one of the oldest public services of the town, the fountain called the “cañico" that once gave service to the laundry of the district, at the same time it served as a water source.

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