Constitution Square (Sorbas - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Mary

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Church of Saint Mary (Sorbas - Almeria)
It is one of the most peculiar churches in all Almeria, and without a doubt it is worth visiting and getting to know. It has attracted the attention of many specialists in history and architecture and even connoisseurs of religious structures, as it has a unique combination.

The church, built in the 18th century, has undergone several interventions, reconstructions and remodeling throughout its history. They have ended up turning it into a hybrid building, combining the Mudejar, historical and baroque style.
Like other churches in the province of Almeria, its history begins on the ruins of an old mosque, where a structure with a rectangular base was erected. A plant in the form of a Latin cross was imposed with three naves, separated by columns and arches. Its facade is quite simple and was built with lime and stone.

Constitution Square

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Constitution Square (Sorbas - Almeria)
The Constitution Square is where the most representative buildings of Sorbas are located: the Church of Saint Mary, the Town Hall and the Duke of Alba House.

The Town Hall is a manor house that has 2 floors and large windows, while the House of the Duke of Alba stands out as a stately home with its entrance painted.

Together with its 6 balconies, the building has a great uniqueness.
In one of the corners of the square is a small sculpture of "Peneque el Valiente", a puppet of the 50s that made many children laugh in Spain.

Afa Ravine

Afa Ravine (Sorbas - Almeria)
Sorbas is known as the "Little Cuenca" because of the hanging houses that it has, which hang from the Afa Ravine.

We can get fantastic views of the Afa Ravine in the different viewpoints that Sorbas has, such as the “El Porche”, the “El Castillo” and the “El Calvario”, all of which let you see different perspectives of hanging houses.

Saint Roch Hermitage

Saint Roch Hermitage (Sorbas - Almeria)
It is a small temple located in the neighborhood of the Alfareros.

Its entrance is notable for its 3 bulrush, of which only the center has a bell. Its cover is of a semicircular arch.

Fatima Hermitage

Fatima Hermitage (Sorbas - Almeria)
It is a temple of small dimensions that is at the entrance of the town.

Sorbas Plaster Karst

Undoubtedly one of the favorite places for tourists visiting Sorbas, are the plaster Karst found in this town.

The Karst are caves or formations that are made after the rivers penetrate and excavate a formation of stone, lime or a similar material.

In the case of the Plaster Karst of Sorbas, the Aguas river was commissioned to excavate a plaster cave that is located south of the town, forming sinkholes, caves, canyons and geodes.
Because the dissolved mineral re-crystallized, drained and re-dissolved, some stalagmites and stalactites also formed within these caves. This made the cave a unique place, whose formations even continue to change over the years.

The caves, which are themselves an attractive tourist place, also have a visitor center, where you can understand a the entire Karst formation process a little better. This natural space has been named heritage of Andalusia and is considered a place of Spanish and international geological interest.

Los Yesares Visitors Center

Los Yesares Visitors Center (Sorbas - Almeria)
In its interior we can find 4 rooms that show and teach us the terrestrial, underground and fluvial environment of this fantastic and unique place.

Through this we can understand with the utmost clarity that they are the Plaster Karst of Sorbas.

Pottery in Sorbas

Pottery is one of the great attractions of Sorbas. It is not common pottery, but one that dates back to the Hispano-Muslim era.

You can find pieces of pottery that were handmade with clay, obtained in the nearby lands, specifically in the “Cañada Siscar” (white clay) and “La Mojonera” (from which the blond and red clay is extracted).
The beautiful pieces that adorn the entrance of the pottery is an instant invitation to enter and be delighted with the pieces found there. You can see vases, dishes and all kinds of objects made of clay from the area.

Sorbas pottery pieces are very appreciated, especially because each piece is unique: the process of sculpting and baking is done manually and is completely handmade.

Arab oven

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Arab oven (Sorbas - Almeria)
In the middle of town, visitors can take pleasure in seeing one of the few Arab ovens that is still in operation. It is a formation made mainly of stone, dating from the time when the Muslims were in the area, and when clay pieces are still being baked.

The oven is a magnificent and rustic piece of stone, inside which there are two levels: the lowest level is where the firewood is placed, while the upper level is where the clay pieces are baked.
The piece that separates both levels has holes that allow heat to pass through better to cook the pieces as required.

The truth is that this oven is a real artistic and historical relic, and is one of the sites that tourists like to visit when they are in Sorbas. This makes sense given its tradition of pottery which dates back centuries.

Wool Museum

This museum is located in an old flour and wool factory and was opened to the public in 2004.

It has three rooms where you can learn the process of transformation of wool into yarn, and observe the machines used.

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