Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation (Velez-Rubio)

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Coat of arms of Velez Rubio (Almeria)

Velez Rubio
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Coordinates: 37.648959°, -2.076406°

Distance to Almeria: 156 km

Elevation: 834 m

Population: 6.528 inhabitants (2022)

Demonym: Velezano (a)

This picturesque town is nestled between hills and mountains, many of which have ruins of ancient Muslim fortifications. The influence of this culture, as of all the peoples of the region, is very marked.

The Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation is the most important building. Its imposing neoclassical structure stands out for its enormous dimensions. It is a must-see. Many other buildings of historical and cultural interest can be seen when touring the town. The architecture is of capital importance, with various styles in the construction, representative of different times. It is a population that, like its neighbour Velez-Blanco, carefully preserves its historical and cultural heritage, allowing the visitor to travel back to ancient times in an environment of much tradition and rich history.

In the surroundings of the town, it is possible to go hiking and trekking, following different routes to explore the multiple sites of the region, of great archaeological interest.

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