Los Vélez - Routes & Trails

Routes & Trails

The region of Los Velez is a natural place where you can enjoy a great variety of fauna and flora. If you love nature photography, you will enjoy the chance to capture photos of magical landscapes.
Within Los Velez, you will enjoy wonderful routes and trails, as the region lends itself to hiking. One of the most prominent trails is the La Umbria de la Virgen Path. It is part of the Andalusian Botanical Gardens Network, which stands out due to its mountains and protected flora species. It is close to the La Umbria del Maimon Path, where you can see a unique landscape with an old castle belonging to the Marquises of Los Velez, which gives the trail a different and peculiar style.
Another prominent trail is the Sierra Larga Path, which is a more extensive path that can take eight or more hours to travel. However, don’t miss it, as it’s worth the effort. The beauty of its landscapes is highly valued by hikers and you can see slopes, hills, riverbanks and valleys. Additionally, the Norte de la Dehesa Path stands out for its gray mountains. The path runs through an area that was formerly used for hunting purposes by the family of the Marquises of Los Velez.
On the other hand, if you want to learn about different species of birds we recommend that you visit the Pinar de la Alfahuara Path, where, with luck, you can see the booted eagle, the sparrowhawk and the northern goshawk.

Los Letreros Cave Path


La Sabina Path


Umbria de la Virgen Path


Umbria del Maimon Path


Solana del Maimon Path


Norte de la Dehesa Path


Pinar de la Alfahuara Path


Pinar de las Muelas Path


Sierra Larga Path

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