Mojácar - Festivals






The celebration of this pagan festival is staged by musicians and dancers who create the most ingenious costumes. It is worth mentioning that the Mojacar citizens sing songs full of humor in the famous parade, which culminates on the main road of the beach. Once the carnival is over, the burial of the sardine (made of papier mache) is celebrated.
Mojacar Carnival

Day of the “Vieja”


The first Thursday of Lent is celebrated. It is a day of food in the countryside shared with family and friends.

The little ones enjoy the "vieja" (a small old looking doll, made on a wooden cross and with a head filled with candy). The "vieja" is stuck in the ground and broken with stones, so the children can eat the candy.
Day of the “Vieja”

Holy Week


The Holy Week of Mojacar features various thrones that are carried by four porters through the narrow and winding streets of the town, which makes the procession very spectacular. There are places where the navigational precision of the porters is essential, since they pass within a few centimeters from the houses.
Mojacar Holy Week

Saint Isidro Pilgrimage


The Sunday closest to May 15 is celebrated with this pilgrimage in honor of Saint Isidro Labrador.

Mojacar citizens travel in beautiful floats ornamented with flowers to the district of Sopalmo, where they enjoy snacks and the music never stops.
Saint Isidro Pilgrimage

Moors and Christians

The weekend closest to June 10 is celebrated with this famous festival that commemorates the cultural and religious exchange between Arabs and Christians.

The town squares are disguised as Moorish Kabilas and Christian Quarters. It begins on Friday with the opening of the medieval market. The most outstanding activities are: the “desembarco”, the “trabucada” and the medieval tournament on horseback. On Sunday afternoon, the festivities conclude with the grand parade that begins in the highest streets of the town.
Moors and Christians

Saint Agustin

For several days these traditional festivals are celebrated in honor of this patron of the town; always coinciding with a weekend (closest to August 28).

There are sports activities, festivals and the popular riding of ribbons, which is carried out on bicycles for the little ones and on horseback by the young unmarried girls.

It is worth mentioning the floral offerings that the local women wear with their typical Mojacar dresses.
Saint Agustin - Mojacar

Sopalmo Festival


In early August this beautiful village celebrates its festivities in honor of “Cristo Rey”. The coronation of the Queen and her Ladies and the traditional ribbon run are the highlights of these fun parties.
Sopalmo - Mojacar

Virgin of the Rosary

On October 7 is celebrated in honor of the Virgin of the Rosary (the patroness of the town). An important feature of this celebration is the traditional riding of ribbons on horseback.
Virgin of the Rosary - Mojacar