Mojácar - History


Mojacar has a rich and varied cultural legacy that has left a permanent impression on the structure of the town and the character of its inhabitants.
The city was called Murgis-Akras, Mucacra, Mosaqar and Moxacar before adopting the current name of Mojacar. The Romans began to conquer these lands at the end of the 3th century BC, the city being on the border between two Roman provinces; the Baetica and Tarraconense.

In the 5th century the invasion of the Visigoths took place, who settled in these lands until the beginning of the 8th century, when they were occupied by the Arab armies, initiating the long Muslim period which lasted until 1488.
However, at the beginning of the Second Republic all mines were closed, which together with several severe droughts caused a wave of emigration to the north of Spain, Europe and South America. The depopulation of Mojacar was reaching very worrying proportions until the 1960s, when tourism began to reverse the trend.