Mojácar - What to visit

What to visit

Mojacar has a rich and varied cultural legacy that has left a permanent impression on the structure of the town and the character of its inhabitants. Discover here the most prominent places to get know Mojacar in depth.

Saint Mary Church

Saint Mary Church (Mojacar)
In the church square we can see the the white marble statue of the Mojaquera, which represents a woman dressed in the typical costume of the municipality and carrying a pitcher that was used to bring water from the village fountain.
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Parterre Square

Parterre Square (Mojacar)
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Plaza Nueva Viewpoint

Plaza Nueva Viewpoint (Mojacar)
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Castle Viewpoint

Castle Viewpoint (Mojacar)
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Gate of the City

Gate of the City (Mojacar)
In the vicinity of the door was where the market was formerly held, at the central point of the network of white streets that make Mojacar such a beautiful and picturesque town.
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Mojacar Fountain

Mojacar Fountain
In 1488 it was the historic location of the diplomatic contingent sent by the Catholic Monarchs for the peaceful surrender of the city. It was renovated in the 19th century, with subsequent reconstruction in the 80s, in which it changed its old appearance to the modern one.
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Casa de la Canana

Ethnographic museum
The exhibition is on 2 floors: there are 11 family rooms on the ground floor and the sellar for animals in the basement.

We offer guided tours in Spanish and English. Entrance for adults € 2.50, for children (8-16 years) 1€.
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Arrabal Neighborhood

Arrabal Neighborhood (Mojacar)
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Town Hall Square

Town Hall Square (Mojacar)
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Macenas Castle

Macenas Castle (Mojacar)
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Perulico Tower

Perulico Tower (Mojacar)
The rock with the tower and its great natural arch form a site of singular natural beauty.
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San Pascual Bailon Hermitage

 San Pascual Bailon Hermitage (Mojacar)
It is located in the area of Agua de Enmedio, in the direction of Sopalmo.

It was built in the 20th century thanks to the money sent by Pascual Artero; a Mojacar citizen who emigrated to Guam island where he made his fortune.

At present it is used by the Anglican church.
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Sopalmo (Mojacar)
Sopalmo, which means natural shelter or cave, is one of the Mojacar districts that best preserves the essence of old times.

Sopalmo has traditionally been a meeting place for artists and painters, where its light and landscapes have inspired numerous works.
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