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What to do in Mojacar

The beauty of Mojacar is indisputable: This town boasts a hill covered with white houses and steep alleys. It is a wonderful destination that you have to visit at least once in your life. Mojacar has everything: an architecture that is not similar to any other, beautiful beaches, tranquillity and history in each of its corners.

Contrasting with the town, which invites tourists to know and soak up its history and cultural legacy, are the various beaches, which stand out for the variety of services they offer and for their impeccable cleanliness.

Mojacar is a town with offerings for all tastes, which makes it the ideal place for all types of tourists: both those who travel as a family and those who travel alone; those who enjoy tranquillity and cultural activities and those looking for nightlife and fun. It is known as "little Ibiza" for a reason.
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