Nature tourism in Almeria

The province of Almeria stands out for its beautiful contrasts. Just an hour away, we find the highest peaks, the only desert in Europe, thick and green forests, fertile valleys, and an impressive Mediterranean coast.

The province of Almeria offers a world of infinite possibilities in which to enjoy unique natural offerings. This diversity and breadth of options allow tourists to lose themselves in ancient forests, white villages in the middle of the mountains, an incomparable desert, wild river sources, snow-capped peaks, sun, sand, and endless attractions that make the province of Almeria a true destination.

The Almanzora Valley

On the trip to the interior of the province of Almeria, one cannot miss visiting the villages of the Almanzora Valley region, where one can find one of its greatest attractions: the Sierra de los Filabres.

The natural grandeur of this mountainous massif, which covers an area of 151,000 hectares, will leave you breathless. The Sierra de los Filabres is located south of the Almanzora Valley, at the gates of the Tabernas desert, presenting ideal mountains for nature lovers.

In the Sierra de los Filabres, one will find incredible landscapes with villages embedded in the mountains—an authentic corner of peace and tranquillity within the province of Almeria. The Sierra de los Filabres has beautiful trails, which are frequented by tourists.
Nor can we forget the Sierra de las Estancias, a natural habitat of incredible beauty for reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, and various invertebrates. Likewise, fans of bird watching are in luck, as the Sierra de las Estancias is an area of special interest to birds, which inhabit this mountain both permanently (nesting in it) and during their continuous migrations.

In addition to this great natural diversity, the Sierra de las Estancias is home to a series of towns that, with the Almanzora valley as a reference, contain a large number of tourist attractions, with activities such as mountain biking and trekking.

The Alpujarra of Almeria

The Alpujarra of Almeria (Spain) 
In the heart of the Alpujarra of Almeria, we find one of the most captivating natural landscapes in the entire province: the Padules channels, a network of lagoons and gorges that arise from the rock eroded by the Andarax river. The passage of time has created spectacular natural pools that invite you to spend a day in full contact with nature.

Most of the municipalities of the Alpujarra Almeriense have their origin in the Muslim era, although vestiges of Roman civilization have been found in the area, in addition to prehistoric remains.

As a whole, the entire Alpujarra of Almeria constitutes an ideal destination for lovers of rural tourism, as they will find places of great beauty, such as the gorge of the Nacimiento river. Villages are full of flowers and fountains, while the air is pure and the streets and squares are plaited with the remains of previous civilizations, from Roman to Muslim. Good food and the nature that enters the living rooms of the houses do the rest.
Among the most impressive mountain ranges of the Iberian peninsula is the Sierra Nevada, which extends through its eastern part through the province of Almeria. It is a natural spectacle whose diversity of flora and fauna stands out, attracting the attention of millions of people who want to see the perfect place to enjoy nature.

Sierra Maria-Los Velez

To the north of the province of Almeria, in the region of Los Velez, is the Sierra Maria-Los Velez Natural Park, an example of the natural beauty of the province of Almeria: rivers, forests, mountains, and beautiful towns with castles that compose the history of this beautiful Almeria region.

Its mountainous massifs integrate a beautiful landscape with notable contrasts of snowy tops and lush forests, which move away from the aridity that is characteristic of other landscapes in the province of Almeria.

A walk along the trails of the Sierra Maria-Los Velez Natural Park allows you to enjoy an authentic green island of vegetation, located in the northernmost part of the province and bordering north and east with Murcia and west with Granada. The Sierra Maria-Los Velez Natural Park is the ideal habitat for rich fauna, which can be observed with the naked eye, delighting nature tourists who visit the province.
Within the Sierra Maria-Los Velez Natural Park is the Millennial Sabina, a tree between 600 and 1,000 years. It is a must-see in this beautiful natural setting. Due to its age, this ancient tree has developed an extensive root system that has allowed it to withstand the most extreme climates.

Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park

This is one of the most visited places in the province of Almeria, thanks to its fantastic beaches and coves, where tourists are in full harmony with the nature that surrounds them.

Declared a biosphere reserve in 1997, it is the first terrestrial maritime park in Andalusia, with impressive cliffs, small and hidden coves, and sea beds of incredible beauty.

It is the most important volcanic formation in the entire Iberian Peninsula, located a few kilometres from the capital of Almeria. It has a magnificent geological exponent that has earned it the distinction of European geopark.

To learn more about the volcanic origin of Cabo de Gata, you will want to visit the Visitors Centre of Las Amoladeras or the House of the Volcanoes in Rodalquilar.
The flora and fauna of the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park are fascinating and unlike any other in Europe, with plants and animal species specially adapted to the arid terrain and lack of water.

Tabernas Desert

Tabernas Desert (Almeria - Spain)
Almeria has the most beautiful desert area in Europe, characterized by the wealth of geological and environmental resources it offers along its surface. The Tabernas desert—the only arid desert on the European continent—is one of the most impressive places on the Iberian peninsula.

The desert of Tabernas has been the scene of hundreds of national and international films, series, and television commercials. The desert of Tabernas lived its golden age in the world of cinema during the last century, becoming known as the "European Hollywood".

Directors like Steven Spielberg and Sergio Leone, and actors of the stature of Clint Eastwood, have shown their art in the wonderful cinematographic space that is the desert of Tabernas.


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