Enix (Almeria)

Localities in the Poniente Almeriense

Discover here all the localities in the Poniente of Almeria and know in depth all the towns of this region of Almeria.


Balanegra (Almeria)
Its inhabitants continue to dedicate themselves to agriculture, but tourism has been gaining ground in recent years.
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Enix (Almeria)
The municipality of Enix is located in the foothills of the Sierra de Gador, at an altitude of 716 meters above sea level.

It is known as one of the white villages of Almeria and is characterized by its abundance of water, which has allowed an important development, as well as the beautiful views it offers from the surrounding landscapes.
It is believed that it had a Muslim origin, as is demonstrated by the features of architecture that are still preserved in its streets. In the past, the inhabitants subsisted thanks to agriculture, the cattle, and mining.

At present, the rural tourism of Enix has been developed thanks to the surrounding landscapes and some heritage monuments, so this town has everything necessary to make its visitors fall in love.
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Felix (Almeria)
In the “Cerro de la Matanza” there was a collective suicide of Moorish that declined submitting to the Christians.

Felix has become a perfect place for rural tourism thanks to its natural riches and a heritage of great attraction.
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La Mojonera

La Mojonera (Almeria)
Currently, the inhabitants of this young town are engaged in agriculture, and the supply of services and tourism, which are the main sources of income. The main monument to visit is the Parochial Church, dating from the 20th century.
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Vicar (Almeria)
The municipality has unique modern buildings, but also has traditional monuments and different archaeological remains.
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