Church of the Incarnation (Felix - Almeria)

What to visit in the Poniente Almeriense

We present you the most interesting places to visit in the Poniente of Almeria. Do not miss the places of interest in this region of Almeria.

Church of Balanegra

Church of Balanegra (Balanegra - Almeria)
Some residents, more attached to the traditional Catholic culture, opposed the mural. However, most believe that it was worth it. Not only is it a true work of art, but this small gesture ended up reviving the charm of the classical church and put Balanegra in the public arena of Spain, promoting tourism in the area.
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Tower of Alhamilla

Tower of Alhamilla (Balanegra - Almeria)
This place has become very popular after a restoration of the tower was carried out in 2008 to recover its splendour. During this restoration, a beautiful viewpoint was installed, which gives the impression of floating on the Mediterranean Sea and allows for a magnificent view of the coast of Balanegra, but also of El Ejido, Berja, and Adra.

The tower is accessed by stairs that have been built to facilitate visits to this place of great architectural and historical importance.
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Balanegra Beach

Balanegra Beach (Balanegra - Almeria)
It is the only beach in the municipality of Balanegra and is located in a semi-urban area where greenhouses abound.

It is a beach of 2,600 metres in length with an average width of 50 metres.
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Church of Saint Jude Thaddeus (Enix - Almeria)
This temple was built during the prelature of Fray Juan de Portocarrero, and its shield still adorns the building.

In the 18th century, this church received a repair of the armour, because the previous one was in quite bad condition. It was then that the present Mudejar was installed.

The roofs were also repaired not long ago, to ensure that the historical and religious heritage of Enix retains its beauty without altering the original characteristics too much.
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Church of Saint Theresa

Church of Saint Theresa (El Marchal de Anton Lopez - Enix - Almeria)
This religious building is located in the village of El Marchal de Anton Lopez and was built in 1900, being dedicated to Saint Theresa.
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Constitution Square

Constitution Square (Enix - Almeria)
Very discreet and simple, it has a small central fountain adorned by a marble figure, which is maintained in optimal condition thanks to the care of its inhabitants, who ensure that their heritage remains as good as possible.
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Wind Park

Wind Park (Enix - Almeria)
The park is composed of 40 windmills, which in addition to attracting attention visually, are capable of producing 330 kilowatts of energy.

There are several hiking trails created to go up to the park and the area. At the point where the park is located, about 1,200 metres above sea level, you can see an incredible view of Enix and its surroundings, especially the Sierra de Gador.
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Hill of the Cross

Hill of the Cross (Enix - Almeria)
On May 2nd and 3rd, a significant pilgrimage is celebrated around this cross for the locals, who gather around the chapel for the celebration.

The Hill of the Cross has been improved by the City Council, who built picnic areas, roads, and spaces so that the visit to this point of the city is as placid as possible and can enjoy its incredible landscape.
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Fountain (Enix - Almeria)
Its waters are very appreciated for consumption, and for a long time (even today) this fountain was a supply point (waters of Enix).
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Church of the Incarnation

Church of the Incarnation (Felix - Almeria)
Already in the 16th century, the church had suffered the inclement passage of time and was in an advanced state of deterioration, so it underwent its first restoration. During this a coffered ceiling of Mudejar style was installed, and it has remained part of the structure until the 19th century.

It is a church of great character and beauty, which is also a fundamental part of the traditional celebrations of the town.
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The Hermitage of Felix

The Hermitage of Felix (Felix - Almeria)
The cross that perches on the dome is a symbol of the triumph of Christians over Muslims, so this hermitage has a great religious and historical value for the inhabitants of Felix. It is one of the favorite places to visit for tourists due to the pleasant walk to get to it and the unparalleled view of it offers.
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Hermitage Viewpoint

Hermitage of Felix Viewpoint (Almeria)
Around the hermitage of Felix is an extraordinary viewpoint, which has added even more value to the area and is an invitation to visit.

The hermitage is a religious site of great importance and solemnity for the inhabitants of Felix, and is a fantastic place to visit, due to its historical and religious importance. There is also an amazing view that can be seen from it.
That is why the City Council has made its efforts to ensure that the access to the hermitage is as simple as possible, and once on the site, both locals and tourists can feel comfortable and safe.
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The Felix Castle

The Felix Castle (Felix - Almeria)
This is the remains of a fortress from the 11th century of which there are few vestiges, but from the viewpoint where it is located you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of Felix, the coast and the Sierra de Gador.
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Saint Roque Hermitage Viewpoint (Felix - Almeria)
From the viewpoint of the Saint Roque Hermitage you can enjoy magnificent views of the town, the area of Carcauz, the Poniente of Almeria and the peaks of the Sierra de Gador.

Next to the Viewpoint Square is the hermitage of Saint Roque (now a theater) and the health center of the town.
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Stone Arch

Stone Arch (Felix - Almeria)
The inhabitants of Felix assure that this arch was built to be able to unite the orange groves that existed in the sector, as it was a bit complicated to access at the time.
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  La Mojonera

Church of La Mojonera

Church of La Mojonera (La Mojonera - Almeria)
It is not an old building, as in the case of most churches in the municipalities of Almeria. However, you cannot deny its beauty, which makes it one of the favourite places for tourists.

On the other hand, this church is the centre of many traditions of the area, inherited from their ancestors and the connection with the Felix municipality, on which they previously depended.
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Town Hall

Town Hall (La Mojonera - Almeria)
Unlike other towns in the province of Almeria, La Mojonera is a recently created municipality that does not have an extensive historical heritage.

One of the new constructions worth visiting is the Town Hall, which, together with the Constitution Square and the Church, are relatively new and built with materials of our time and updated designs.
It maintains the formula of representing the three most important powers for the old societies in the heart of the town: church (parochial temple), state (town hall) and town (square).
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Church of Saint Benito

Church of Saint Benito (Vicar - Almeria)
Perhaps what has suffered most deterioration of the entire structure is the tower as it was the center of attacks during the invasions. It is estimated that the greatest damage suffered by the tower was due to the Rebellion of the Moorish, which took place in the Alpujarras, in the year 1569.

In 1647, this temple was restored and Mudejar elements were included in all its areas, adding great beauty and increasing its architectural value.

As for the images that it has inside, the church of Vicar has a carved Christ of Health, which is one of the patron saints of the city. They are honoured with traditional festivals that are held in the month of September.
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Carcauz Ravine

Acueducto Carcauz
The Aqueduct of the Twenty Eyes is the best known and considered the most important, to the point the other two are often overlooked. It is named after the “Aqueduct of Carcauz”, because it is the aqueduct that is closest to the town and the easiest to access.
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Door of Vicar

Puerta de Vícar
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