Alhamilla Tower (Balanegra - Almeria)

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Alhamilla Tower

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Alhamilla Tower (Balanegra - Almeria)
It is the remains of a watchtower, which served as protection. But unlike other towers installed in Almeria, which have notably Arabic characteristics, the Tower of Alhamilla was sent to build by the Catholic Monarchs, after Christianity reconquered Almeria.

The intention of this tower was to serve as a lookout, to prevent a possible invasion by taking the inhabitants by surprise, causing them to lose ground again to the Moorish.
This place has become very popular after a restoration of the tower was carried out in 2008 to recover its splendour. During this restoration, a beautiful viewpoint was installed, which gives the impression of floating on the Mediterranean Sea and allows for a magnificent view of the coast of Balanegra, but also of El Ejido, Berja and Adra.

The tower is accessed by stairs that have been built to facilitate visits to this place of great architectural and historical importance.

Church of Balanegra

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Church of Balanegra (Balanegra - Almeria)
This small and once discreet church is one of the sites that currently attracts large numbers of tourists, and has become one of the main attractions of Balanegra.

This church was the first religious structure in Spain to join urban art. In 2013, this wonderful church added to its appeal with graffiti done by Nauni, an artist from El Ejido, who spray-painted an image of Santiago Apostle, patron saint of the city and to whom the church is dedicated, on the main entrance.
Some residents, more attached to the traditional Catholic culture, opposed the mural. However, most believe that it was worth it. Not only is it a true work of art, but this small gesture ended up reviving the charm of the classical church and put Balanegra in the public arena of Spain, promoting tourism in the area.

Balanegra Beach

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Balanegra Beach (Balanegra - Almeria)
It is the only beach in the municipality of Balanegra and is located in a semi-urban area where greenhouses abound.

It is a beach of 2,600 metres in length with an average width of 50 metres.

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