Church of Saint Jude Thaddeus (Enix - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Jude Thaddeus

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Church of Saint Jude Thaddeus (Enix - Almeria)
It is the Parish Church of Enix, an imposing construction of mainly Mudejar architecture, dating from the 17th and 18th centuries.

This church has been dedicated to St. Jude Thaddeus and the Virgin of the Rosary, both patron saints of Enix and around whom traditional festivals and pilgrimages are celebrated.

The interior of this church keeps a carved Florentine image of the Virgin of the Rosary, much appreciated by the inhabitants and admired by those who visit the church.
This temple was built during the prelature of Fray Juan de Portocarrero, and its shield still adorns the building.

In the 18th century, this church received a repair of the armour, because the previous one was in quite bad condition. It was then that the present Mudejar was installed.

The roofs were also repaired not long ago, to ensure that the historical and religious heritage of Enix retains its beauty without altering the original characteristics too much.

Church of Saint Theresa

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Church of Saint Theresa (El Marchal de Antón López - Enix - Almeria)
This religious building is located in the village of El Marchal de Anton Lopez and was built in 1900, being dedicated to Saint Theresa.

Constitution Square

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Constitution Square (Enix - Almeria)
Located in the heart of Enix, the Constitution Square is one of the places that tourists must pass through when they are in the town.

Like most of the main squares of the different towns of Almeria, it is located right in the centre, next to the Church and the Town Hall. It is the place where many people gather to socialize, and around which they have built premises for the enjoyment of those who come to the square.
Very discreet and simple, it has a small central fountain adorned by a marble figure, which is maintained in optimal condition thanks to the care of its inhabitants, who ensure that their heritage remains as good as possible.

Wind Park

Wind Park (Enix - Almeria)
In Enix there is a wind farm, which attracts the attention of those who pass by the place.

From the village of El Marchal de Anton Lopez, you can see the towers of the park, driven by the wind, crowning the top of the hill.

It is the first wind farm installed in Almeria, which is also at a fairly high point, and has led many hiking and biking routes to visit the site and enjoy the surrounding nature.
The park is composed of 40 windmills, which in addition to attracting attention visually, are capable of producing 330 kilowatts of energy.

There are several hiking trails created to go up to the park and the area. At the point where the park is located, about 1,200 metres above sea level, you can see an incredible view of Enix and its surroundings, especially the Sierra de Gador.

Hill of the Cross

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Hill of the Cross (Enix - Almeria)
It is a hill located on the sides of the town, from which you can fully observe Enix and part of the Sierra de Gador.

It is located at an altitude of 1,000 metres, which is why many have said that from this hill "you can touch the sky".

For the protection of the locals, a cross was placed at the highest point of the hill over a simple hermitage and a little rough, but that is part of the religious culture of the town.
On May 2nd and 3rd, a significant pilgrimage is celebrated around this cross for the locals, who gather around the chapel for the celebration.

The Hill of the Cross has been improved by the City Council, who built picnic areas, roads, and spaces so that the visit to this point of the city is as placid as possible and can enjoy its incredible landscape.

Fountain of Enix

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Fountain (Enix - Almeria)
Its waters are very appreciated for consumption, and for a long time (even today) this fountain was a supply point of Almeria city (waters of Enix).

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