Church of the Incarnation (Felix - Almeria)

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Church of the Incarnation

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Church of the Incarnation (Felix - Almeria)
The Parish Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, dating back to the 14th century, was built on the remains of an old mosque built by the Muslims who inhabited the area.

The Church is in full entrance of Felix, so it is the first site that catches the attention of tourists when they arrive.

The main nave of the church is rectangular in shape, and was converted into a temple invocation of Our Lady of the Incarnation by disposition of the Catholic Monarchs.
Already in the 16th century, the church had suffered the inclement passage of time and was in an advanced state of deterioration, so it underwent its first restoration. During this a coffered ceiling of Mudejar style was installed, and it has remained part of the structure until the 19th century.

It is a church of great character and beauty, which is also a fundamental part of the traditional celebrations of the town.

Hermitage of Felix

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Hermitage of Felix (Felix - Almeria)
It is a characteristic construction of the lower Alpujarra of Almeria and is part of the Arab and Muslim legacy that remained throughout the area and in other towns of Almeria.

It is a small construction with a square base, with a large dome that gives it an air of solemnity, on which a cross rests. This structure, unlike most of the hermitages that are scattered throughout Almeria, is completely hollow, that is, what supports the dome are four main columns, but there are no walls and the interior of the chapel is empty.
The cross that perches on the dome is a symbol of the triumph of Christians over Muslims, so this hermitage has a great religious and historical value for the inhabitants of Felix. It is one of the favorite places to visit for tourists due to the pleasant walk to get to it and the unparalleled view of it offers.

Hermitage Viewpoint

Hermitage Viewpoint (Felix - Almeria)
Around the hermitage of Felix is an extraordinary viewpoint, which has added even more value to the area and is an invitation to visit.

The hermitage is a religious site of great importance and solemnity for the inhabitants of Felix, and is a fantastic place to visit, due to its historical and religious importance.

There is also an amazing view that can be seen from it.
That is why the City Council has made its efforts to ensure that the access to the hermitage is as simple as possible, and once on the site, both locals and tourists can feel comfortable and safe.

Castle of Felix

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Castle of Felix (Felix - Almeria)
This is the remains of a fortress from the 11th century of which there are few vestiges.

From the viewpoint where it is located you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of Felix, the coast and the Sierra de Gador.

Saint Roch Viewpoint

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Saint Roch Viewpoint (Felix - Almeria)
From the viewpoint of the Saint Roch hermitage you can enjoy magnificent views of the town, the area of Carcauz, the Poniente of Almeria and the peaks of the Sierra de Gador.

Next to the Viewpoint Square is the hermitage of Saint Roch (now a theater) and the health center of the town.

Stone Arch

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Stone Arch (Felix - Almeria)
The “Barranquillo” Stone Arch is located below the church square.

It is an arch of small dimensions, built entirely with stones, which surely required great effort.

It is a typical construction of Roman culture, used to bridge distances between two spaces, which formed the arch like bridge and in the upper area.
The inhabitants of Felix assure that this arch was built to be able to unite the orange groves that existed in the sector, as it was a bit complicated to access at the time.

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