Church of La Mojonera (La Mojonera - Almeria)

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Church of La Mojonera

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Church of La Mojonera (La Mojonera - Almeria)
The Church of the Virgin of the Fuentesanta is a work of the architect Manuel Jimenez Barea. It was built in honour of the Virgin of the Fuentesanta, patroness saint of La Mojonera, and has within its facilities a painting of the saint by the artist Luis Cañadas.

This painting, which is arranged at the main altar, is one of the most striking elements of the church and the reason why many come to visit it, both for religious and artistic reasons.
It is not an old building, as in the case of most churches in the municipalities of Almeria. However, you cannot deny its beauty, which makes it one of the favourite places for tourists.

On the other hand, this church is the centre of many traditions of the area, inherited from their ancestors and the connection with the Felix municipality, on which they previously depended.

Town Hall

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Town Hall (La Mojonera - Almeria)
Unlike other towns in the province of Almeria, La Mojonera is a recently created municipality that does not have an extensive historical heritage.

One of the new constructions worth visiting is the Town Hall, which, together with the Constitution Square and the Church, are relatively new and built with materials of our time and updated designs.
It maintains the formula of representing the three most important powers for the old societies in the heart of the town: church (parochial temple), state (town hall) and town (square).

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